SurfriderSD is stoked to have local company Matuse on board for the Art Gala this year. They generously donated a 4/3/2 Hoplite AND a jacket for the event. Matuse is helping to lead they way in developing more Earth-friendly and sustainable surf gear…

Standard, old-fashioned neoprene is petroleum-based: It’s messy, it’s hazardous-it goops up sea otters. Yamamoto Geoprene is derived from limestone that’s 99.7% pure. And the purity of its limestone source – an ancient misty Mesozoic mountain – is also why Geoprene is so top notch.

Yamamoto Corporation has long been making rubber from a special polymer produced from rocks. Yamamoto estimates that their reserve of limestone will last approximately 3,000 years. Compare that number to the earth’s dwindling supply of oil (as well as the astronomically high price per barrel) and you have a pretty good idea as to why Geoprene is not only better performing but also much more sustainable.

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