This page contains numerous links that provide the basics, talking points and a ton of background information that bust the myths of the “Shrill, Baby, Shrill” hype over oil drilling.

Wednesday 4/15 Pre-hearing rally info

Flyer for 4/16 San Francisco Hearing

Directions to Hearing (includes Public Transit)

MMS 5-year lease program 1-pager (with maps)

Hearing Basics & Talking Points from NTA coalition

Fact Sheets:

Impacts To Air, Water, Wildlife, Coastal Economies And Climate Defenders of Wildlife, July 2008

Protect out Coasts: Ban Oil Drilling in CA Environmental California, 2009

Offshore drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) threatens our beaches, oceans, coastal communities, and marine life NRDC, July 2008

Our Coasts are Too Valuable for the Risks of Offshore Drilling Environment America, July 2008

Sierra Club Offshore Drilling “Cheat Sheet” Sierra Club 2008

Coastal Governors Remain Strongly Opposed to Lifting OCS Moratorium National Audobon Society, July 2008

OCS Drilling Has Insignificant Impact on Gas Prices Sierra Club July 2008

The Aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, By the Numbers National Audobon Society July 2008

The Truth about Oil Spills and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Sierra Club, July 2008, SC

Oil Spill Fact Sheets, Environment America, July 2008:
August 2005 – Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
June 2006 – Calcasieu River, LA
November 2007 – San Francisco Bay
February 2008 – Gulf of Mexico