SurfriderSD is stoke to have a few pieces from Wayne Roten for the Art Gala this year including Sumatra Village. “I was born in Los Angeles in the early 50’s. My father is a jazz musician and my mother was an opera singer, so from the moment I was brought home from the hospital, all I heard was music all day long, which I think led me into becoming a creative person. We moved to Woodland Hills, California around 1959. The neighborhood I moved into already had an infamous crew of surfers, who rode balsawood boards. I purchased a Dale-Velzey balsa board that almost been broken in half in the Islands. The boys had reshaped it down to 7’11” and pigmented it red. It looked like something you would buy at Toys r Us, however, I learned to surf on it.

It was around this time that I really got interested in art, basically due through reading Rick Grifffen’s comics and John Severson’s “beatnik” style of painting. At first I tried to copy everything they did, but as I began to study Art at Taft High School, I became enthralled with the masters, such as Dali, H.R. Geiger (of Alien fame) Van Gogh and Warhol and began to develop my own style. I continued my art studies at Cal State and won a few awards for “Most Original” etc.”

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