Scott Ross returns as an artist in our 12th Annual Art Gala with this iconic image from Puerto Escondido.  This digital print is framed and signed.

Scott’s journey behind the lens started as he began documenting his travels from around the globe.  He’s been lucky enough to have visited over 20 countries and experienced their cultures and customs.  His friends and family began to encourage his “natural talent” after viewing photojournalistic travel and people portraits.  He decided to get serious about it when friends began buying his photos.  Scott is currently refining his skills by taking photography classes at UCSD.

The experience he aims to convey is relaxed and casual.  It is at these moments when the subject forgets about the camera and their pure personality comes out.  These are special moments to treasure for a lifetime.  His clients can pick a favorite location or he can suggest a few for the style they want.  He trys to customize each photo shoot to compliment the personality. 

For more information, check out Scott’s website