‘Surfrider welcomes a new piece by Neal Bociek, another returning  donor to the art gala, thank you Neal !

Dimensions: H=32″ x D=26″ x W=8″
Materials: Wood, Aluminum, Glass, Succulent, Sand, Steel, Wax
Neil Bociek is a public artist who lives and works in San Diego…Neal graduated from the U. of Notre Dame where he obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in sculpture.  Since then, he has been working and exhibiting his art in many locations with two current exhibitions in San Diego. Neal won the Orchid Award from the San Diego Architectural Foundation for his work entitled Landsailers , currently on display in many galleries around San Diego…to see display locations  and more information, click  Landsailers  

 Husband and wife artist team Tiffany and Neal currently have a solo exhibition at the Re-Gallery in Solana Beach now through June 30th. They also have 4 pieces on exhibit at The San Diego History Center that is part of the “Bottled and Kegged” exhibit on view until January 2014. For more info on “Bottled and Kegged” exhibit at RE-Gallery, click here !

Please visit www.nealbociek.com to learn more about Neal and his art !

Thank you Neal and Tiffany, we look forward to meeting you at the event !