Nathan Paul Gibbs, Enviro-Surf Artist and Earth’s Minister of Propaganda, brings you surf art and wave paintings and ideas in the guise of wood, paint, emotion and design!

Nathan will be doing live art at this year’s art gala, but here is an example of his work…

“Much of my work reveals the relationships between energy, water, life, surfing, humanity and emotion and how those create and destroy our natural world, specifically the ocean. Using art to document the environmental struggles of the times, the works relay a message. Through surrealistic surf art symbolism, Byzantine inspired iconography, abstract expressionism, and hidden images, I invoke participation from the viewer with a visual, emotional, and cognitive experience.”

To learn more about Nathan and his work, click here!

We are stoked to have Nathan as a live artist at the event again this year, be sure to stop by and see him in action!