Shadow Retreat

     Thank You to Kauai resident and long time well-known surf artist Steven Valiere, who’s images of surfers and scenery are radical and unforgettable !  Steven is super stoked to be a part of the Surfrider Annual Art Gala and painted this piece for the event.  He told us that he doesn’t paint a particular place, but a “compilation of a bunch of fine lefts , with blue skies, barrels and hanging vines and also shade under coconuts once ya get back on shore”

 If you’re a fan of Steve’s art like we are, enjoy this video  where Steve tells how he began by painting decals for boards as a 20 yr old surfer in Australia, and how he ‘lives to surf, surf to paint, paint to surf’…inspiration for his radical surfers comes partly from having lived in Papau , New Guinea…

     Mahalo, Steve !