Peace or Happiness

The Kids

San Diego artist John Guiney has donated 2 limited edition prints for our 13th Annual Art Gala!  These signed and numbered limited edition prints were created directly following John’s downtown San Diego Solo Show. These images a hand painted 1:2 Scale recreations of John’s 12 Expo pieces. Each piece is 18 in x 18 in hand painted, silkscreened, signed and numbered. Limited edition of 50.

Explosive Cover Up #8

We are also fortunate to receive a pieces from John’s new series, where explosive painting techniques and chance are corralled to fit within common geometric pattern. Playing on elements of graphic design, John allows chaos to create a layer behind the piece that invites the viewer to continually dive deeper into the heart of the painting and creates a voyeuristic connection between the viewer and the work.

John Guiney has been classically trained as an artist, and worked professionally as a product and graphic designer. Recently John has been successfully making prints and t-shirts to spread his artistic message. John showed his work as a part of numerous group and Solo art shows, both nationally and internationally. Now John is taking the main stage in the San Diego Art Scene. Inspired by Taoism, Nature, Destruction, Hip-hop, and Urban Art, John’s art takes you all into the dark recesses of his mind and give you a glimpse of the world as seen through John’s hoodie.

To see more of John’s art in action, please visit his site: John Guiney