Tickets go on sale Wednesday, March 25 for San Diego Surfrider Foundation’s 15th Annual Art Gala. The event will take place Friday May, 8th at Paradise Point.  We have two wonderfully unique and equally rad sounds joining us this year.  Please check out Aja Lee, and The Mattson 2 

Aja Lee‘s jazzy blues, original songs and style on the ukulele, Electric guitar & Piano have become popular for bringing an uplifting and classy vibe wherever she plays. A Michigan born- Arizona raised -California seasoned – artist, Aja began writing music at the age of 6. Her discovery of the Ukulele back in 2005 was not unlike a child dusting off a sandy shell from the waters edge- it was love at first strum.  Her perpetual quest of turning the worst of things into the best of things, was welcomed into her voice as it came out to match the sunny tones of the Ukulele, which formed an entirely new style of singing and playing now known as: “Toes in the sand – music” or “Soulful Ukulele Blues Pop-Rock”. In addition to pleasing crowds at local and national venues, she also shares her gift and gives music lessons.

Aja Lee

If you could soundtrack the jangle of the sea and the jazz of the surf, The Mattson 2 would most certainly be the composers. The identical twin guitar and drums duo are truly a marvel of jazz-rock orchestration and arrangement. The duo shimmers and shakes with the soaring modern wizardry of Jared Mattson’s untamed, layered guitars and Jonathan Mattson’s tribal jazz hard- bop drumming. They channel the gorgeously hypnotic gods of surf, sun, and neon-punk-jazz of our modern universe, evoking evolved realms of experimentalism, rhythm, and story. The identical twin’s deep telepathic kinship navigates colorful forms of beautiful weirdness and exotic landscapes of layered improvisation, transcending the concept of modern musical performance. They have toured relentlessly throughout Japan, Brazil, Paris, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, and the United States. The Mattson 2 have Bachelor’s degrees in Jazz and The African Diaspora from University of California San Diego, and Masters of Fine Arts degrees in Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology from University of California Irvine. Mattson 2 have collaborated with Thomas Campbell, Ray Barbee, Tommy Guerrero, Cornelius, Chocolat & Akito Katayose, Money Mark, Nicole Mitchell, Mark Dresser, Farmer Dave Scher, John Herndon, and John McEntire.   

mattson 2
Again that is…
The Mattson 2’s