This colorful surfboard titled “Universe” has it’s own story and will be at the Surfrider Foundation Gala May 8th 2015 in the Live Auction.   Cherrie La Porte has spun her glass magic on a Firewire surfboard prototype that was not up to quality standards and donated to Rerip.   Rerip is a local non-profit dedicated to keeping surfboards out of landfills by partnering with surf companies, artists and surfers to find creative ways to reuse boards.  When boards can’t be surfed any longer they get “Reriped”   This Firewire surfboard was donated by Rerip and repurposed into a work of art by Cherrie.
Combining the inspiration of the iconic surfboard form with the desire to make things beautiful, Cherrie has taken glass art to a new level using recycled surfboards from Rerip that have been retired from the waves, she transforms them into an explosion of texture and color, each telling it’s own story as an artful conversation piece that leaves a lasting impression. 
Artist Cherrie La Porte uses many Rerip recycled surfboard for her surf art, giving a new, secondary life to an old board with many stories on the surf.  View more of her glass surfboards at   Check out Rerip and help keep old surfboards out of the landfill!  
Universe surfboard