Sean Davey first photographed a small wave in 1977 with a Kodak 126 Instamatic camera. Now, Sean has published his work in several countries and has been featured on over 140 magazine covers. He spends much of his time in Hawaii, photographing the north shore, but he also leads exploratory photo expeditions to surf zones all over the world. Ocean photography (including waves, surfers, and sea life) has always been the dominant theme of Sean’s work. 
Sean’s donated piece “Peaches and Cream” is described here: 
“I often start my day at the beach in the still dark, early twilight, shooting the interaction of the waves on the beach, and the interplay of the light and clouds.    The colours of this shell image led me to call it “Peaches n Cream”  Photographed on the island of Oahu during a brilliant colorful sunrise.  This kind of photography is actually harder than it seems. Things need to be set very, very precisely.  I used a very wide lens along with a Canon 5D MKII, inside an Essex Water Housing.”   
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