Next weekend is out 15th Annual Art Gala! We’re very excited to have Southern California’s own, Andy Davis.  Eclectic soul, surfer, and artist extraordinaire, Andy has been making art for many years. His 16″x20″ acrylic painting on canvas entitled ‘Island Jack’, illustrates his signature style of smooth lines that are easy on the eyes. 

During the late 90s, Andy began to hang out a lot with cultural icon and world champion longboard surfer Joel Tudor, which ultimately had a big impact on Andy and his perspectives on surfing.The simple, clean line surfing those kids were doing during the late 90s shifted Andy’s perspective and interests in surfing toward new direction and meaning. Having already traded his potato chip thrusters for heavy logs, eggs, and fish boards, his imagery began to embody the lines of traditional surfing, as opposed to the fins-free, WCT aesthetic. The often faceless subjects in Andy’s work represent a universal interpretation of the basic moments and clean lines (no matter what board you’re on) found in our collective surfing experiences: waxing up, paddling out, hooting at a buddy’s ride, being locked in the pocket. The surfers in his art could be me, or you, or Andy, and that’s what makes his work a wonderful shared experience for viewers.

We hope to see you all Friday, May 8th at Paradise Point.  Be sure to get your tickets here!  Also, have fun exploring all that Andy Davis Designs has to offer here! 🙂