Surf: Bird’s Eye View by Ana Phelps

Surf: Bird’s Eye View by Ana Phelps

Ana Phelps is returning to our Art Gala this year with her photo “Surf: Bird’s Eye View” for your chance to bid on and win her piece!

Ana is a local artist with a background in psychology, interior design, and photography. Her photos are represented in many agencies including “Corbis” and “Getty Image Bank,” as well as local businesses around San Diego, such as Bliss 101 in Encinitas, Hansen’s Surf Shop, the Oceanside Welcome Center, and many local magazines and newspapers. She is constantly inspired and amazed by nature, and it is evident in all her pieces!

To see more of Ana’s work and to learn more about her, visit or

And remember to get your tickets to the Art Gala ASAP by clicking here! See you Friday!



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May 3, 2016